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FloatingWaffles said:
curl-6 said:

I'm still torn on Godzilla vs Kong.

I am a massive Godzilla fan, but I don't want to support the film if they pull the same BS as the 1962 original and make Kong win despite him being by far the inferior monster.

I feel like that movie is gonna go one of two very cliche ways

1) they both beat the shit out of each other and walk away at the end with no real winner just so they can make everyone happy that their favorite didn't lose technically

2) they fight and then suddenly a bigger threat emerges that they have to team up for and end the movie as allies

i doubt there will actually be a "winner" in it tbh but then again I haven't seen the original like you're mentioning 

I actually hope it's #2; it's been rumoured the film will feature Mechagodzilla and the two of them teaming up against him after fighting each other would be a good outcome in my opinion.

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