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Well, we had a wonderful year for the video game industry These are some of the highlights:

-The release of two new main home consoles

-Record breaking sales year for a home console

-The release of perhaps one of the fastest selling console games (Animal Crossing)

-Over 47 million consoles sold

-Many more that you might be able to share with all of us.

This thread is meant to highlight what was your personal Video Game moment of the year, the poll is generic but it would be great if you also share the details with all of us.

for me, it was Discovering a video game gem.

The reason I chose  this was because I am extremely happy with Ring Fit Adventure, I have played it for three months and really enjoy the challenge it gives me but it also motivates me to keep playing daily, great game design. 

So, what was your favorite 2020 Video Game moment? Why?