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Hello everyone, here is the first DAMA Profile for Nintendo Switch.

This report corresponds to the month of November 2020 (year 4 for the switch)

Numbers on this report are Month Aligned, for more information on what this means click here

Interesting facts:

  • The Switch is about 5M away from passing the 3DS all time sales, if it can sell as well in December as it did in 2019 then it should barely pass it.
  • The DS grew its lead over the Switch by ~319K units, but it is still in pretty close range.
  • PS4 outsold the Switch (month aligned) by over 0.6M units (about 18% higher)
  • December record is out of reach with the Wii selling ~7.4M units.
  • With only 9 months, the Switch was able to sell as many units as in all of Year 3 and it still has 3 of its best months left of sales (December, January and February).