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Hi @curl-6 It's a great question, I think nostalgia plays a big part for me, but I can't say anything other than the N64. There is no way we can build a consensus of the definition of Best. All I can give you is why is the one I like the most.

First of all, it is all the great memories of spending many days and nights playing mario party, mario kart and goldeneye with a group of friends and family. That 4 player aspect was incredible. 

A great library of solo games that took many hours to complete was also a great plus for me. I remember playing Zelda, Mario 64 and Starfox for many hours.

Out of the three consoles it is the one I have the fondest memory of getting. I remember it was late at night and my father had come from a business trip in the US. He opened up his bag and there it was. My brother and I silently stayed up all night playing games with the lights off so that no one would know.