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Dulfite said:

Community Game Review Thread

We are a gaming website filled with gamers from all kinds of backgrounds that have differing opinions on the quality of games and what matters to us when we are gaming. We have an active community of posters here and yet one thing we do not have that we could have is updated data on what this website’s community thinks about games across the board in terms of user score. We say are opinions, but then they get buried in threads that we dare not necro bump. But scores? They stand the test of moderators! So, the purpose of this thread is to encourage everyone to review games! Don’t have much to say? Simply go your profile, find the game, and drag the score to what you think it deserves. Have lots to say? Click the game and on the left click on the community icon in the review area and then add a review and add a score at the bottom. The more of us doing this, the more we can have an honest view of what we consider to be top tier games here.

Which leads me to the next section below, where there will be a list of the top 50 games of all time for this website. This list will be updated regularly as more reviews come pouring in hopefully. At first this leaderboard may seem silly because of games that make it on there. All the more reason for you to contribute!

Thank you @Dulfite for this thread. I think it is a great idea. With all the experienced gamers on this site, promoting reviews will definitely allow us to learn about awesome games that we might have never heard of. Specially if the review comes from a fellow member that might have similar taste in games like us. 

I am in no way a writer, and that probably is a reason why some people my shy away from giving a review, but I gave it a try. I invite anyone who wants to take a few minutes, to check out my first ever review of a game. Any constructive criticism will be gladly welcomed.

I can't wait to read reviews from other users, I think  this would be the perfect thred to share them.