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JRPGfan said:

The downplay, I mentioned, wasnt towards xbox series x+s sales.
But the way he congratulated sony on the PS5 sales.  You miss understood me.

smroadkill15 said:

Congrats to Sony for doing a better job at having more consoles manufactured.
This just means the Series X/S has had more of a supply constraint and with launching in 37 countries vs 13 for the X1, led to less consoles being sold in those 13 countries compared to X1, but more Series X consoles were sold worldwide compared to X1. If you look at the worldwide numbers sold at launch, Series X only sold about 100k-200k more than the X1 worldwide, so I felt like this was the obvious conclusion, but I guess not.

^ this is downplaying, what Sony did.

Sony beat their own PS4 launch records.
I dont care about him explaining why the xbox did poorly (its down 30%+ compaired to launch of Xbox One, most places).
What I care about is, its totally missing the point that Sony did something impressive.

Basically sony come out by selling the most a console ever has in history (at a console launch).
And its "well thats only because xbox had production issues, and started later"

You can see why I go huh? thats not the story.

"There hasn't been a leak regarding what Xbox actually sold, so calling it "poorly" is wishful thinking on your part."

There has actually been leaks (we know number/number ranges), of US, Spain, France, ect. (other places in europe).
Were the general trend is its down compaired to the Xbox One launch.

I was not downplaying Sony at all. I was genuinely giving them a complement because I know(and many others), who ever manufactured more consoles in the US, was going to sell better there at launch, hence every console for both system in the US is very hard to find. Whether you think I'm still hating on Sony is you're own problem. The point of my post was about why Xbox sold less in certain regions which came down to Xbox manufacturing slightly more consoles than the X1, but is spread out between way more countries.