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TheBraveGallade said:
Jumpin said:

Another thing I just thought of. I'm not sure the price: gorilla glass screen.
I agree with anyone who's said better battery life. I don't require it, but it could never hurt. This year has been a little different since I spent so much time inside, but I'm an outdoorsy guy who's often away from an outlet for 10+ hours, with my Switch. I love sitting and playing under a tree, or in a park somewhere. The high brightness levels I have it on mean that even lowfi games tend to eat battery. Normally, I have a battery pack on me, but I'd rather not.

I would love to have a longer lasting battery, larger screen, and a better quality screen (more scratch resistant without the need of some third party protector). I wouldn't mind a Switch Pocket either, smaller screen, easier to carry around without a laptop case.

to be completly fair, the plastic screen is part of the reason why the switch is so durable, something that might shatter gorilla glass would just casue a minor dent in a plastic screem

Most phone screens break because people use them while walking over concrete surfaces, this isn't going to happen with the Switch.

There are other things to consider too: the 297 gram, which is about 2X to 50% heavier than a smartphone, but is also a much larger device, plus it has joycons on the sides with protruding sticks, so less fall acceleration and more impact defense.

My primary worry is the overcare I have to take from things that occur frequently during common usage: scratches from loose piece of something in a carrying case, scratches from sliding into a dock, scratches just from things contacting the screen of the switch when it is sitting somewhere. It will be far less common than phones to drop them over concrete; smartphone screens generally don't crack from dropping onto floors, either.

Anyone who has knocked a switch off a desk or coffee table knows that the screen is most likely not even going to connect with anything, it's the joycons that take the brunt of the damage, with plastic parts snapping/scratching from the force; particularly the plastic connection stuff around the rail connector on the joycon.

This actually brings me to another point, I wish the joycons had higher quality parts that wouldn't get damaged from a small drop. And before someone says the perfectly common sense thing of "Well then! Don't knock it around!" hahaha, I wish I could follow that advice, but I have 4 kids.

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