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src said:
Doctor_MG said:

I think that this is a very weird spin, no offense. It's almost like you think this is a Playstation vs. Nintendo debate when it's actually a conversation about which third parties have performed well on Switch. 

Not anymore spin that your post, which not only uses AND incorrectly, but also fails to take into account that PS4+3 is almost 2x SW. Obviously, many that bought it on PS3 will not get it again on PS4.

If the point of the thread was which third parties did well on SW, why did you not just name it that?

Exactly, plus there is already an existing thread on the sales of the game. 

Okami HD sales numbers leaked (

The game sold best on Playstation, that's just the facts. It's like how Sony disclosed that TLoU part 1 sold over 20 million in sales. Whether it's combined or not it doesn't change the fact of its overall sales numbers. If Nintendo fans can't handle that then tough shit. 

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Last edited by JWeinCom - on 03 December 2020