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Astral said:

I would, but my setup has zero gaming consoles at the moment. I sold my PS3 and PS4 in order to buy PS5 without eating into my savings. But PS5 has been out of stock since launch. And the Switch is elsewhere in the house. It would be silly to post a pic of empty wooden shelves :P

Be sure to post whenever the topic comes back.

Barozi said:

I'd rather not, it's a bit of a mess. Too many consoles, games and external HDDs or SSDs.
Also I couldn't fit the Series X into or onto one of the TV cabinets so it's standing right in front of it.
I will probably move into a house in 2021 so I don't see the point in changing anything right now.

Shame, I wanted to see some setups with the new consoles.

gord352 said:

It's messy but hey I don't really care. Also added a Panasonic 3DO to my shelf recently and haven't retaken the photo. Managed to find space to plug my 360 in to the TV setup. 

The arcade controller is hooked up to a raspberry pi with arcade/neo geo games - I made this during lockdown.

Nice collection you got there!

d21lewis said:

I THOUGHT I had to go to work today. Got there and found out I'm working night shift tomorrow. Was supposed to be training new employees in the fine art of nuclear security but that's been postponed until Monday morning.

I'm still too lazy to make a new video of my game room today so here's a video from earlier this year:

I'll take some pics later.

Sucks to be up early, video isn't working, but no rush Lewis.

Cerebralbore101 said:

Yet another nice collection!

DroidKnight said:

A next-gen setup. When will your new consoles join the projector?

BasilZero said:

Those theater seats look legit, nice and comfy.

Leynos said:

A bunch of controllers and other merch is in drawers or closets. Also not shown is my shelf full of game soundtrack CD and anime based on games.

Cool, we got retro and gaming room to boot! Cool arcade, but I like the Mario hat on that VCR xD

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