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DonFerrari said:
Otter said:

Again, are they contacting devs for a few drops during setpieces or bigger wide set problem? 

For the games that performed better in PS5 yes. And guess what through people pointing out to DF that the drop in the RT mode was a bug (it won't drop if you restart a checkpoint, don't always happen, didn't exist before a patch) on twitter John confirmed it, but well on the video that is missed.

This doesn't answer the question really. COD on PS5 doesn't have performance issues, just a few minor drops during set pieces. Off the top of my memory when they contacted devs, it was for much bigger performance issues or disparities. Like Dirt, DMC5 and AC5 where the Series X version has had big performance problems and bugs including a camera jittering during cutscenes. 

The DF guys didn't suspect the PS5 frame drops were a bug which is why they didn't report it as such. If the question is can things slip past them? Sure, I don't think anyone is saying otherwise. Stating bias however is something else entirely. And it should be mention that if on paper specs depict series X as the more powerful platform, taking this into account in your analysis does not count as bias