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DonFerrari said:
Otter said:

Good. The problem in this come to 2 points, first the 3 scenes they collected the drops in 60fps they didn't find odd or need to contact dev, they didn't verify that other people played the same and didn't had drops, but when it came to the 120hz it was less important, VRR will solve it and made sure to point there was no reason for Xbox to drop more than PS5.

The scenes were more action orientated and the drops were very temporary. Its not especially odd. I don't think they contact devs everytime they see fps drops, Its not like Dirt where one console literally has last generation LOD on the vehicles. Or DMC where you had crazy differences in performance at times (50+ fps difference) and a completely unlocked fps that was running all over the place.

As far as the 120fps mode. Both systems miss their target a fair bit and thats what they expected, but 10 frames lost at 120fps is not the same experience as 10frames lost at 60fps. Given that they did not even expect 120fps this generation, I think its fair to say they will not be as harsh on 120fps targets as they are on 60. None the less they highlight PS5's advantage here, but neither are especially stable unless you have VRR. What likely confuses them is why the Xbox Series X version runs better in RT mode but worse in 120fps mode. There is nothing on paper or that they're aware of that would cause this difference. Maybe in time they will get a better grasp on the topic but right now their guess is as good as yours. If you have an idea, @ one of them on twitter.