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PotentHerbs said:
smroadkill15 said:

So Series X performs better with Raytracing on than ps5 does. I tally this one in the Series X favor overall.

I'm not sure if the Series X wins this comparison. Although it has better performance in RT mode, the PS5 has the edge in 120 FPS mode, while DF also praised the Dualsense features and load times should favor of the PS5. 

I'd say its either a tie or the PS5 slightly edges it out. 

I disagree. Both XSX and Ps5 fps are in the 90s during 120 mode so being 4 fps higher when both are struggling isn't really a bragging point. Where as XSX performance is 60 fps with raytracing on with no drops vs ps5 dips into the 40s with it on. This a much bigger deal than any advantage ps5 has. Loading times are not a big enough difference to really brag about.

If we're going to be adding advantages that have nothing to do with performance, then XSX can quick resume at any point during the game, or Xbox has cloud saving without needing a sub. Lets keep the comparisons related to graphical performance shall we.