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I'm sure Warner wants to kick him for quite sometime already

We didn't even know he was in the cast of FB1, I got surprised to discover this few days before the premiere. It was an absolutely dumb move even by the very low Warner standards

Fantastic Beasts 1 turns out to be nice, but public opinion about him was not good, they still went forward and let him to play in the (very bad) Fantastic Beasts 2. This move ended not only being the worst Potter movie box office wise, but was received with lukewarm reception that really put the series in a dangerous zone

It's not helping JK Rowlling keeps undermining Trans people rights on her personal Twitter, and doing so actively teasing LGBT activists. Ezra Miller's was also filmed physically attacking a women in a street.

With a fandom mostly composed of millenials I don't need to say the image of Potter franchise is slowly being tarnished after so much controversies.

Covid outbreaker made FB3 (a movie already not heavily anticipated) got one more year delay, JK's Wizard World seems in a very delicate position now