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Marth said:

Wii U

Mario Party 10: +20k since March 2020

Wind Waker HD: +20k since March 2020

New Super Luigi U: +10k since March 2020

Super Mario Maker: +10k since March 2020

Splatoon: No changes

Nintendo Land: No changes

Smash Bros WiiU: +10k since March 2020

New Super Mario Bros U: +10k since March 2020

Super Mario 3D World: +20k since March 2020

Mario Kart 8: No changes (suprisingly)

MK8 has an attach rate of over 60%, there are simply not enough consoles to sell more copies anymore.

heavenmercenary01 said:
The data is at 68.3Million stopping at september. So theoretically it should have passed the 69M through october and nearing the 70Million this week. VGC sales estimations should be updated.

Those 68.3M are shipped, while the sales numbers on VGC are sold through to customers. Since shipping takes time (op to 2 months depending of destination) and that number also includes consoles that are sitting in stores and warehouses, there's always a discrepancy of several weeks of sales between shipped and sold through.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 06 November 2020