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shikamaru317 said:

Yeah, I also find it ridiculous. He offered plenty of evidence that she was the one abusing him, including photos of damage that she inflicted and a recording of her admitting to hitting him and saying that she couldn't promise that she wouldn't hit him again in the future. So either they're both right, and they basically took turns physically and verbally abusing each other, or Amber is straight up lying, and people only believed her lies because of MeToo, and now Johnny, the real victim of abuse, gets to lose his career while she gets glorified. I'm not sure which of the two options is the truth, but the possibility that it's the 2nd option makes me sick to my stomach.

Technically speaking, whether or not Heard was also abusing Depp wasn't an issue in the libel case - it was purely about whether or not Depp's behavior made it accurate to describe him as a "wife-beater". And the judge decided it was.