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3d zelda. Metroid prime is a close second. Smash and pikmin are nice bonuses but those 1st 2 I mentioned are the main reasons I still buy 10do consoles. Theres alot of games 10do has that I love but most crap out the more aequels they get. The 1st ls mansion was great. Dark moon and dark moon part 2 really were fun but not near as good. They leaned into theme based levels too hard for my taste. Mario is the only other one that consistently gets AAA size games and ive only enjoyed the newest 2 of them. Cant stand xenoblades combat. Wish it just played like dragon quest 11. Kid icarus and starfox are the 2 most underutilized ips. So much potential wasting away behind smaller or no projects. Wish eternal darkness and the last story would actually become franchises.