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mZuzek said:
kirby007 said:
darashiva joined 4 times btw

I got him listed in two separate places, huh? I'm such a genius.

You sure about him having done it 4 times? With the one I missed being 2016, I'm assuming? That year was the weirdest one for me to gather information on, so I had to make assumptions based on the vague information there was.

2011 was also a bit vague with the information Smeags had there, but I suppose there will be far less people coming to talk about that one given how long ago it was.

Either way, there's bound to be inconsistencies and I'm gonna go fixing them as people point them out to me. The only issue is how everyone in the post gets pinged whenever I edit it, which is why I don't want to be editing after each individual mistake is pointed out, I'd rather write them down somewhere and then change it all at once.

Yeah, the first time I took part in this was in 2016. My list from that year is on that page. 

Anyway, this was a great thing to look back on. It's really interesting to see how games have moved around over the years. I need to finish editing my list for this year soon.