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Now that even consoles are moving toward subscription based media, What you you guys think the future of physical media is?

Personally, I see them going toward the collector's item status, same as blu-ray.

Though however, I see everyone moving away from discs, as discs just don't work, hell, they haven't really since the start of gen 8.

even the much weaker wii U used install data on some bigger games to help loading (Xenoblade X)

I feel like everyone will move back to carts while simultainiously jacking up the price by at least 10$.

Making a port costs nothing compared to a disc drive, so there is a cost saving on a per console basis

plus they arn't as fragile as disc drives, and are much easier to repair and replace.

and by next gen, a 128GB read only SSD wouldn't be that expensive, currently they are around 20 bucks.

... Hell, now that I think about it, MS could do it right now with the series S/X, turning their proprietary expansion port from a 'detriment' into an asset since instead of moving around stuff from an HDD and back taking 30 minuetes, you can just hot swap a cart in and immediatly begin playing. even if it was 80$ (casue an ssd costs 20-30$ at 128GB when discs cost pennies) I'd say most people who would insist on buying phisical would buy this for the sheer convienience.