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Zkuq said:

My first impression of this was really poor because the way to start a new game was nowhere to be found, so I feared it would be after all that stuff I don't care about and even if I did, it would still make it unnecessarily hard to get to starting a new game. Then the video showed that games are in a different view altogether, and now it all makes sense. I certainly like what I'm seeing, although I would still prefer a more minimalistic style (right now there's graphics everywhere, which doesn't look very classy - which incidentally clashes with the 'classy' look of the console itself).

Runa216 said:

You sure about that? I never had any issues with it. PS3? For sure. The PS3's store was trash, but the PS4's was speedy and zippy for me. Might have taken a couple seconds to boot, but after that, no problems. 

I hate the current Store. It's slow on PS4, and it's slow on PC (and it also doesn't even work very well if at all on PC, unless it's finally been fixed). It's probably even worse on PS3. How is it slow? Things take a fairly long time to load, opening the Store page of e.g. a game has way too many sections where's it slow to find what you're interested in, navigating back from e.g. DLC takes you can to the top of the slow game page, and searching letter by letter is annoying on consoles. (On PC, search is just fine.) The original PS3 Store was ugly but it was very fast and functional. The current one is pretty but possibly the most annoying online store experience I've used. I have high hopes for the new Store.

i have a fast internet connection, ps4, ps store opens up instantly. and loads everything quick. I have no issues with it.