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I know everyone says "I'm tired of reboots/remakes", but what are some that could actually use a reboot or remake?

Spawn is one that could definitely use one. The 1997 movie was so campy and goofy that it did the character and his source material a HUGE disservice (why Todd McFarlane agreed to dumbing it down, I have no clue) and Violator wasn't nearly as menacing as he is in the comics and cartoon series, reduced to making fart jokes, dancing in a cheerleader outfit, Looney Tunes eye-popping scene, etc. IF Todd McFarlane ever gets his reboot off the ground (big if), then let's hope it actually delivers with something more akin to the HBO series, which was so much closer to the comics tonally and better.

Ghost Rider is another one that could use a reboot, but without Nic Cage this time, please. Makes me wish the HBO series wasn't cancelled, Ghost Rider has sick potential with a TV series.

Oh and finally Gamera. Gamera with big-budget CGI treatment, need I say more?