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hinch said:
Its probably going to cost around the same if not a bit more. Take for example Nvidia cards FE 3080 and 3090 cards those coolers will be more expensive than a standard cheap AiB cooler. A higher end one with more heatpipes and more surface area (fins) will add to that, but will also provide more cooling capacity. At the expense of size, form factor and weight.

Sony said they were working liquid metal and cooling for 2 years so they must have had a thermal figure in mind. LM is one of the best TIM available, probably no point to speculate otherwise. They probably thought we have 300+ watts to dissipate, we need to go all out.. which they did.

Yah I guess thats possible

Well if SNY could have gotten away with a heatsink similar to what XBSX has for very close to the same price, I can't believe they wouldn't have done that. It would have allowed them to make the console quite a bit smaller, and SNY knows how everyone likes to pick on big electronics. Also cheaper packaging and shipping, more shelf space, etc. It's just a size thing. It's hard to take the price and manufacturing of smaller more efficient tech into account unless you have pretty decent knowledge of all that.

Who knows. I just couldn't help but wonder. You're right, they would've had a decent idea that they may need a remarkably high end TIM, though they obviously don't want to have to spend too much extra if they could get away without it. The fact that they are using it, says they've decided it needs something like liquid metal, which they planned for one way or another.

Well if the PSU is 350 watt, the typical draw should be around 200w give or take. That's total power and not all APU, though the APU would be pulling the majority of that. *Actually, with the way PS5 operates, the power isn't supposed to fluctuate that much, so maybe it is more like you said. Maybe not 300, but perhaps 250, since that would be around 70% of the total PSU.

Last edited by EricHiggin - on 08 October 2020