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Imaginedvl said:
KratosLives said:
What's with these so called heating/noise issues?? My launch ps4 is quiet. Or was it a ps4 pro problem?

I have the launch one and it is a jet engine when I play Horizon Zero... That's not a "so called" thing and I'm not using my console that much... 

Good for you if yours is not making any noise, but the noise of the fan is a well know thing for the Play Station Four. (At least the model I have).

Does not bother me so much cause I'm far from it and the volume of the game is usually masking it but it is very obvious.

For the heating, well as the console is hot while playing, I don't think it is the issue. And I don't think it is more than my Xbox One S or X.

OP: I really like this video; very glad Sony took the time to release that. This is a very nice piece of engineering and I'm 100% sure the new console will be super quiet :) 

I'm not sure if there were defect models or if it was due to dust build up in the heat sink. Mine did sound like a jet engine 2 years ago,  for a day,I took out the heat sink and found roughly 40% of the covering was covered in dust. After I vacuumed it out it became whisper quiet. I thought it was expected that we clean our consoles at least once a year. This might explain why they added dust collector locations and a bigger heat sink. The bigger fan drawing out heat from both sides will definitely help and keep things quiet if dust build up does occur. Less maintenance.

Last edited by KratosLives - on 08 October 2020