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JWeinCom said:
EricHiggin said:

I was more so asking. I don't know how well they can quarantine the WH and keep spread under control there. Maybe they can, I don't really know. Would they go to extra precautions to keep covid out of there? That's why I asked about Melania. It may also be easier to keep her stationary vs Don though?

The Trumps are about always showing strength. This doesn't surprise me. He could be quite ill, but just because they seem scared and their words follow suit, for a bunch of liars and cheats apparently, it's hard to believe some people might see this as honest. Could be. Might not.

I also mentioned in another thread that I thought part of the debate plan was to make Trump seem like an underdog like with Hillary. That didn't exactly pan out. Biden's so laid back it made Trump look like a huge bully. Politicians love to say don't let any opportunity go to waste. This is the perfect thing to make Trump seem like an underdog. Fight off covid and come out stronger than ever before. It's just a possibility of many.

I was honestly wondering if Trump or his campaign would consider stepping down for now. Not sure how this procedure works exactly. If Trump could hand over the Presidency to Pence for a couple weeks, then take over again, assuming he's plenty strong and healthy, this would work to his favor. He could boast about beating covid, and he could put to rest the, 'evil dictator who won't ever peacefully give up power narrative'.

This can work to Trumps favor big time in many ways. It all depends on how the illness itself goes. I don't really think it's a conspiracy myself, though I always leave the door slightly open because well, 2020 should be enough proof that most anything is possible.

The only real precautions they need are to keep everyone at least six feet apart and wear masks. And since Trump is the one with the virus, it'd be pretty simple to keep people away from him. Don't see why it would be more difficult than in any other place. Seems like it would be easier than in a hospital if anything, although it's a military hospital, and they probably have some special presidential suite or something.

Also, consider, hospitals are not the safest places. Even ignoring Covid, your risk of infection from something else is pretty high. It's not a place you want a senior citizen can be if you can avoid it, especially if someone might be immunocompromised from Covid.

I really don't see any way this helps Trump. For many voters, the #1 issue is controlling Covid. And, despite whatever sympathy he may get, it's not making him look like he's competent in handling it. Obviously, they'll try to spin it to make him look better, but I don't think it will work. Especially since Trump has been really working the "sleepy joe" "low energy" "diminished" angle. 

Plus, Biden also has a campaign, and they will also spin, plus he's actually able to talk and reach out to people. I don't think he'll play the "Trump is weak" angle, but he'll, rightly, point out the serious threat Covid poses, that nobody is safe, and that they need leadership that is going to effectively handle the virus. Trump's handling of the Coronavirus was already his achilles heel. He doesn't need that to be the #1 issue.

Also, the election is already happening. People are mailing in ballots now. Trump is way behind in polling. Taking away his ability to campaign for at least two of the four weeks he has left is not a good thing. 

As for how this works, it goes by the 25th Amendment. Trump wouldn't have to step down, but he can temporarily give control to Mike Pence, and then can resume power once he is capable. They did that when Regan had to go under anesthesia for some procedures. Pence and the cabinet can also, if Trump is not willing or able to temporarily relinquish power, declare him incapacitated and assume power. I believe a supermajority of both houses can do the same thing as well.

If Trump is incapacitated, Pence becomes VP. He would have to nominate a VP that would be approved by both houses, if it's expected to last for a while. If Pence becomes incapacitated, then Nancy Pelosi would become acting president. If she is incapacitated, I think it's the president protempure of the Senate.

As for it being a hoax, I definitely don't buy that for a second. While I wouldn't put anything past Trump, I don't think the people around him would go along with this if it weren't true, in addition to this not being good for him IMO, and being totally off brand. That being said, I think they absolutely would withhold information. If Trump's condition is serious, we probably won't find out how bad until if and when Mike Pence has to formally assume Trump's powers. 

The more covid could potentially spread throughout the WH, the worse it would look for Trumps campaign. Taking extra precautions to make sure it doesn't spread, wouldn't be the worst idea politically. If they can keep Melania more stationary, then I can see why having her there wouldn't be that large of a concern. Keeping Don stationary seems quite unlikely, so taking him to a hospital where he'll get separated with special treatment doesn't seem ridiculous. Plus he likely wants to get well asap, and going to a hospital where his risk specifically, will be super low, isn't another terrible idea. Could potentially cause further illness, but likely not

Trump is pushing to reopen things. A big reason why not to is because of people being scared of the illness. If Trump can survive it with ease, then it will likely make people feel more comfortable going out. Users here are always saying the Prez has major influence over the people in plenty of ways. Therefore much less reason to keep things locked down while reacting so harshly every time a spike of any sort occurs. The Dems are about lockdown, Trump is about reopening. If Trump doesn't get too ill and makes a reasonable recovery, he'll no doubt point out how he fought off weak covid and still has more energy than Joe. That's almost a given.

The people who are mailing in ballots have decided already, period. The undecided won't mail until they decide or run out of time. Trump doesn't seem to want voters voting any earlier than they have to. This will likely make undecided voters wait. It can also give Trump a chance to appeal to them, especially when it comes to dealing with covid, assuming it goes well for him.

If he makes a fuss about handing things over to Pence that'll surely hurt him, but I don't think he will if he looks to become quite ill. If covid goes poorly for Trump, like he's out of commission for more than 2 weeks, it's going to be an accent of a lifetime if he can get re-eleceted.