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JWeinCom said:
shikamaru317 said:

He'll be fine I'm sure, hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin combination works wonders against covid supposedly, and I'm sure he is taking several other drugs that have been shown to be effective. Supposedly only has mild symptoms so far.

They took him from the White House, which has medical facilities available, to a hospital... Not sure how much I buy "mild symptoms".

Not sure how well they can quarantine them in the WH. Is Melania still there? They probably don't want it potentially spreading throughout there if they don't have to. There is also the fact that he's the Prez, plus at higher risk due to his age, so in general they are going to be extra cautious. The fact it's crunch time in an election on top of it. Last thing Trump wants is to be locked down any longer than he has to. The sooner he can get healthy the better, period. For anyone potentially thinking whether it may be a political ploy, going to a hospital helps legitimize the illness.

Could certainly be more serious to some degree though. Wonder how long before we truly find out if ever?

Last edited by EricHiggin - on 02 October 2020