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Captain_Yuri said:

I think Obsidian and Ninja theory's outlook can show what they might plan to do with Bethesda. Obsidian was working on The Outer Worlds when they got bought by MS. Outer Worlds released on every platform. Their next two games however, Grounded and Avowed are looking to be Xbox and Windows exclusives. Same with Hellblade 2.

If MS is willing to "lose" money on hardware and software cause Gamepass most likely isn't making money and the console hardware are rumoured to be losing money and on top, they are willing to spend billions to acquire new companies. I wouldn't put it past them to say fuck it and make future Bethesda games exclusive because they want to be the only platform and they have the money to potentially do it. Effectively brute forcing their way to a victory if you will by the sheer amount of money they have.

That's how I see it too. MS will honor prior obligations like the Ghostwire and Deathloop deals, but any new games with unannounced platforms will likely only be on Xbox consoles, PC, and Xcloud.