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Norion said:

He did mention that AC broke records on Twitter and Reddit so Youtube isn't the only aspect. It's specifically his comment on Playstation's metrics being in another league compared to Nintendo's that stuck out to me and made me wonder how predictive these metrics are exactly. I truly don't know how predictive they are.

Well, Mario direct has more viewers than the latest PS5 showcase 

and the latest partner direct has 1 million views despite Nintendo already deleted the stream version with ~450k concurrent views for US and ~400k for NintendoJP. If the stream version wasn't deleted perhaps the number is already above 2 million views for mini partner direct

Nintendo has always deleted the streams version of Nintendo direct video with a couple of exceptions like treehouse e3 videos and replaced it with the good quality version right after the stream version ended while Playstation just left it. 

Streamed videos = more views inflated by concurrent views during the show and Nintendo deleted that kind of videos. 

Something to keep in mind is the uploads of the PS5 showcase by channels such as IGN have way more views than the uploads of the Mario direct by those same channels so the difference isn't that large overall. That point about Nintendo deleting those videos is good and I didn't consider that.