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Otter said:

Production =/= shipped to retail, so it looks like theyre now aiming for numbers slightly above PS4

A 50% yield sounds expensive, I wonder why its so low. Is the chip more exotic than they've let on?

Exactly, production is not the same as shipments. Since PS4 shipped 7.5 million between Nov 2013 and March 2014, actual production was probably closer to 10 million as Daniel Ahmad stated.

Another factor that I don't think anyone here has mentioned yet is regions. PS4 launched on Nov 15 in North America; Nov 29 in Europe; and Feb 22, 2014 in Japan. I'm thinking we will get the PS5 details tomorrow, but Sony last said that they were aiming for an actual worldwide launch. That wouldn't mean the same day of course, but to me that at least implies all major territories (NA, Europe, Japan) launching in 2020 within a month or so of each other.