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BlackBeauty said:
Pemalite said:

All to often I see this absolutely false information propagated.

AMD has a technology called "Radeon Image Sharpening" that Microsoft and Sony can tap into.

There is also another technology Microsoft has at it's disposal known as "DirectML".

We also have the other image reconstruction features like checkerboard and temporal reconstruction that can absolutely be leveraged by developers.

The more you know.

It's no secret that ARM is in a ton of devices, but if you want any serious amounts of CPU compute... Then you cannot look past x86.
x86 is where the best performance in the entire industry is and will continue to be.

Either way, the Switch isn't the first ARM powered Nintendo device and it will not be the last, ARM is good for mobile, so what you gain in battery life and portability you do loose in total performance.

Why you lie like that tho? You can’t be serious and sit there and say that those even come close to DLSS 2.0.

Not only that Microsoft Direct ML is worse and actually require more power to run whereas DLSS free up performance. There’s nothing in the works from amd that can do the same.

As for arm. The most most powerful super computers/server farm on the planet runs on arm. Most already the made the switch. It’s not just “mobile”. Arm processors are just way more efficient. Quite literally the future of computing.

And The switch is a console. That actually should hint you where arm is going but you seem to ignore that too. It’s NOT about Nintendo in “mobile” or arm in “mobile”. It’s about arm closing the power gap FAST in commercial use/computing. 

Yeah he's making no sense, image sharpening takes up power while DLSS actually frees it up, comparativly, and also literally every graphics card has shapening tools, including nvidia. DLSS is a whole different ball game, that worked like crap early on but not its maturing, especially with the help of the speciallzed tensor cores.

and lol, outside of servers, apple's devices run on arm, albiet heavily customized, and the ipad pro's caught up to the xbox one S TWO whole YEARS ago in graphics performance, and apple literally JUSt announced that they are going to transition to thier own ARM based chips for macs. sure the price point is different but the point still stands, and with apple applyign boosters to ARM, the power disparity is getting lower fast and it will always have an advantage in power consumption.