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BraLoD said:
If the Series S can't run games at native 4K why would a Switch 2 be able to?
Only if it's straight-up 1080p upscalling, which the system would do, not the devs.

Most effective reconstruction requires scripting in software, like PS4 Pro's checkerboarding or DLSS. And 4k rarely means native 4k in console gaming.

I'm sure Series S can run games at 4k since PS4 Pro from 2016 can but its clearly not built with 4k in that in mind. And I think it can only hit 120fps at 1440p. 

It all depends on the game and Switch has enough of its own exclusives and indie titles nativey running at 900-1080p which can actually target native 4k, and then for more demanding titles they can have a DLSS like solution which requires the developers to implement it