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Slownenberg said:
Yeah this works. I got electronic contact cleaner a few months ago after my joycon drift started getting really bad for a while.

I just do a few quick sprays and then wiggle the stick around for like 30 seconds. I found, with both my controller and my brother's controller, that after doing this once it mostly fixed the problem but it didn't take too long for the problem to come back, but then I sprayed it a second time and now its been a couple months with no problem whatsoever. It is a temporary fix as the problem is dirt gets in there and you need to spray it out, but if you give it a real good spray, or do it a couple separate times, you shouldn't have to do it again for a few months. And it isn't hard to do so its a good solution.

I find that sometimes it works once, but most often it's 2-3 sessions. It's because there's still crap in the controller, and it needs to all get cleaned out. After that, they are pretty much free from drift indefinitely, or until dust gets back in them.

You might notice that the drift on the 2nd and 3rd time is only located in one direction, which is the part that got missed. After it starts working again, it's usually a long time before drift reoccurs.

For those saying Nintendo never had any hardware issues before obviously never owned an NES =P

NES games had issues with starting up, it sometimes would take 10-15 minutes (and dozens of attempts) to get a game to load up. There was also an issue with the save features breaking, permanently, if you didn't play the game for a certain period of time.

Then there was the DS Lite which had fragile hinges, if it slipped from your hand and fell even 20 cms, or got knocked from a coffee table, the hinge would break making the top screen very floppy.

The lip around the bottom screen of the 3DS pressed against the top screen. With some pressure, it would bite into the top screen.

So, people trying to say Nintendo has been perfect until now simply aren't remembering earlier times, or have not had as much experience with Nintendo hardware as more major fans.

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