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Makaha said:
sundin13 said:
The only thing depressing about the song is that ride haha

you mean the ride cymbal on the drums? (drum machine actually)

Yeah, I agree, it's a very simple arrangement, there's not even a bass line, I was just using this recording to pitch to music publishers, it's not a finished product--wasn't meant to be.  The singer's performance is very strong though, I think he nails it in terms of getting the meaning of the lyrics across, and to me really brings the song to life.

Yeah, its honestly way too harsh and I found it pretty distracting. I'd probably switch over to hats for the verse and then only use the ride in the chorus, and then either find a new sample for the ride or find some way to take some of the brightness out of it with EQ or effects. I'd also suggest doing some volume automation to vary the volume up and put emphasis on certain beats so it doesn't feel so stiff and robotic. Just because you are using digital drums doesn't mean they need to sound like digital drums. 

I will say that the vocals are well done and the vocal production is very clean.