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He said they'd have showcaseS this year, as in more than 1 remaining that focus on third party games ranging from A ports to AAA games. So we can expect at least 2 more of these in addition to any other Indie directs or Nintendo Directs. Meaning, when it's all said and done, we will have had at least 6 showcases of games coming to the Switch in the last 6 months of the year by the end of December, or on average of one a month, and 2 of them (and at least 3 more) have and will continue to have major games, only one was focused on Indies. One a month people. We all need to calm down. They are communicating plenty with us and they probably want the big Nintendo one to be sandwiched between the first two Thirdy Party showcases and the last 2 or more before 2021.

For this one, I'm really interested in trying World of Tanks and that Boxing game (I love the Rocky universe, and I'm quite intrigued by it's story mode).