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Imaginedvl said:

I have a hard time believing they will achieve that honestly.
Both have a so so lunch line up and while they have clearly a big upgrade from the current generation, they are still that, an upgrade until new games are coming out (Halo, Flight Simulator for Microsoft) and (Horizon Dawn, GT for Sony) that will really use the machine's internals.

The Switch cames up with Zelda (and few others) which, by itself, sold the console :)

Would say:

Sony: 2.5M
Microsoft: 1.5M

I promise you people didn't buy a PS4 for Knack & Killzone :p

Spiderman has more pull than both of those titles combined even if its not a full sequel, add in all the backwards compatibility with improved performance, some cross gen games taking advantage of PS5 like Kena and big third party titles like AC and I'm sure the PS5 will outsell the PS4 on the basis of being a more useful device for Playstation gamers out the gate. Long term it will need those exclusives but PS4 was really lacking for its whole first 12months and still sold well