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snyps said:
sundin13 said:

Actions do change though. Biden in particular has shown himself to be someone who serves as a barometer for the party. If the party moves to the left, he will move with it. I see no reason to assume that Biden will suddenly start pushing Trump-like policies, when, if he does, his own party will eviscerate him. The power of voters does not end at election day, unless we let it.

Not sure if you've noticed, but there is a pandemic going on which has put millions of people out of work.

Also, in most places, funding cuts have not yet been put into place...

Additionally, the opposite of "tough on crime" is not "soft on crime". It is "smart on crime". At the present, going to jail increases your likelihood of committing another crime. That is not a sign that our "tough on crime" policies are working, it is a sign that we need change.

I agree with you except I see no record of evidence showing Biden (or the party) is being smart on crime. Yeah we all have are versions of smart, but when it’s so clear that Americans are filling up jails with victimless crimes like drugs/prostitution, and gangsters own a huge unregulated black market, the federal policies are dangerous.