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I'm not going to vote in the poll because my answer wouldn't be that fair.
I played a lot of the Wii. It was gifted in Christmas '07 to me and my siblings. There were some fantastic Nintendo games (plus Virtual Console) and some enjoyable third-party games. But the specs of the Wii were garbage, and could've been better without competing directly with Xbox 360 and PS3.
Xbox 360 I played some of. My brothers got one a few years after the Wii. I liked the controller and Just Cause 2 was fun.
PS3 I played very, very little of. It was my older brother's that he got a few years before the PS4 came out. He sometimes let me borrow it as a Blu-ray player, but I didn't use it much at all.
I probably would prefer the PS3 because I've played some of its great first-party games on PS4, and I would've loved the multimedia capabilities of the PS3.
TL:DR - Didn't vote, but probably Wii based on play time and Nintendo games. But probably PS3 if I got to use it.

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