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Switch hardware total: 61.44m (5.68m for the quarter)

[52.62m base Switch, 8.81m Lite]

Mario Kart 8: 26.74m

Animal Crossing: 22.4m

Smash Bros Ultimate: 19.99m

Zelda BOTW: 18.60m (Switch version only)

Pokemon Sword/Shield: 18.22m

Mario Odyssey: 18.06m 

Pokemon Let's Go: 12.20m

Super Mario Party: 10.94m

Splatoon 2: 10.71m

NSMBU: 7.44m

Ring Fit Adventure: 4m

Xenoblade Definitive Edition: 1.32m

Clubhouse: 1.03m

Net sales: ¥358,106M ($3.39 Billion USD)

Operating income: ¥144,737M ($1.37 Billion USD)

Net Profit: ¥106,482M ($1.01 Billion USD)

Last edited by curl-6 - on 06 August 2020

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