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DonFerrari said:
Two curious things, the suggestion that devs pay to be on gamepass (seem this throw in one thread) or that they offer to put it for free on GP to get publicity (done here), last I heard publishers liked to receive for people to play their games not to pay for MS to profit from it.

Another curiosity is Gamepass have like 100 games on it? In 6 years of PS+ I have received at least more than 100 games permanently (considering my library says I have over 350 digital games and certainly didn`t buy more than 50, that is actually 300 tiles received some way or another without paying for it specifically). So PS+ and PSNow already do most of what GP offers.

I haven't thought about that before. Being loyal to Sony has also gave me tons of brilliant big games. And it's full ownership.

Nintendo on the other hand is the one that should be asked how they will respond? Not that they need to respond, but Nintendo ownership is truly the most expensive affair of the big 3 and I don't know of any loyalty/subscription on Nintendo that really gives out good stuff.

I was checking the prices of Zelda switch agains games like Horizon, God of War and many others and it is a shame how pricey Zelda is. The excuse some give me is always that Nintendo makes quality games that deserve the long term high price - it's like God of War and co are not quality games.

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God bless You.

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