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GamingRabbit said:
shikamaru317 said:


A Q1 2023 Switch 2 at $300-350 should have something like 2.5-3 tflops GPU docked, (...)

Would already be too low in my opinion to be honest.

What I not only expect but demand from a switch two is to deliver the same performance or more than the rumored XBox Lockhart when docked,

and around halve undocked.

HOW it is done doesnt matter much to me, as long AS it is done.

The only way its coming close to this whilst having  battery life and actually having Switch form factor is through DLSS. So essentially the raw power of the Switch 2 would be closer to 1/3 docked, 1/6 undocked. But DLSS takes internally rendered frames from 240p-560p, and adjusts its up to 720p-1080p. For exclusives it will work natively from 1080p+ and upscale to 4k. 

Mobile tech will always be a generation behind in raw power, DLSS will cut a few years from this. Ultimately Nintendo will still be Nintendo, so the machine will at least break even at launch and not cost more than $399