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John2290 said:

The sunsets in this game, man.

Everytime the sunsets or rises I have to take a picture.

It's worse than Horizon ZD.

And speaking of Horizon ZD, here' a similar shot to comparable to the first image above. So there is something to be said about art style over technical graphics and this game proves the point, it clearly looks more pleasing to the eye consistently but it lacks whatever the hell horizon does, The image above is on PROs resolution mode at 1800p and the image below is Horizon on the OG PS4. It's like a great canvas painting versus a great digital painting, they both look good but it differing ways.

Which is better?


Comparable to the HZD awe factor? Music to my ears. I was hoping GoT was going to come through. Was going to be able to wait this one out a little while, but seeing the visuals and reading the reviews has upped the hype factor for me significantly. Definitely will need to make space just for screenshots. lol.

John2290 said:

How are you supposed to get anything done in this game...

I swear, it's every ten minutes I have to stop and look at something but the sunsets, every damn time...

I just can't help myself at sunrise too...

The golden hour is pure gold in this game...

It never ceases to get my attention...

The games atmosphere comes through the screenshots so distinctly.

You had me at share..