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twintail said:
invetedlotus123 said:

Because it's gaining traction. Consumer that try it, for most of the cases anyway, really enjoy its value for money and the access to games that they were likely to pass. Developers are starting to see value on it as their games reach a broader audience and helping build brand recognition, and in the world of Games as a Service it also brings players to play online and spend on microtransactions.

Games As a Service are not a fad. We can track it from the early MMOs to Fortnite to Gamepass. If Sony don't react accordingly they might be in an catch up situation sooner than they think.  

Which developers are seeing an increase in brand recognition?

You highlight online play and MTX. What percentage of Sony developed games place an emphasis on either?

On that note, Sony are already on-board. Just because they aren't going full-force behind on it doesn't mean they aren't reacting. The last year has seen some heavy hitter 3rd party titles on the service. They have started offering some of their bigger titles as we (albeit in a timed capacity). If the market moves towards this subscription model, Sony can easily pivot towards it.

You just aren't seeing the same play as MS because Sony don't need to. Like Nintendo, their more traditional model is bringing them large amounts of success. They aren't just going to abandon that when the market still clearly exists for their approach. I think we need to understand that going all in on this subscription model is a no turning back move (at least a difficult one).  

But, I'm sure you'll continue to see Sony making moves in the PSNow realm. 

SKMBlake said:
Well the question should be reversed (how Microsoft will respond to Sony's PS Now), and Microsoft already responded by making the game pass games available through the cloud without downloading them, like PS Now.

And since PS Now allows to play online without a PS Plus subscription, I guess Microsoft will do the same and removing Live Gold requirement for those who have Game Pass.

V-r0cK said:
Or looking at it a different way.....

Gamepass is actually MS response to Sony's exclusives and domination. MS is now trying to take a different approach, and as you can see they are no longer mentioning console sales, but about user amounts/how many times a game has been played etc..

So the real question is; is Gamepass working?

Yes. I see gamepass as a response to the success of Playstation. Microsoft doesnt' offer the same quality content and has been losing console market share this gen. Gamepass then is a glorified discount/free game plan for a company that has not many choices.

On the other hand, it doesn't mean that gamepass is all bollocks. It makes sense and I believe Sony will react acordingly when they see they've got to. So far so good.

It's whole different from Blockbuster x Netflix. Blockbuster didn't have the business structure to pull off what Netflix had. Sony has all the infra-strucuture and market relationship to kick start a game pass copycat any time they wish. They just don't need to do it right now with 110m PS sold out there.

God bless You.

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When PS4 will hit 100m consoles sold: Before Christmas 2019

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