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DonFerrari said:
JuliusHackebeil said:

I'm not actually watching the whole thing, but clicking through to get to the major story beats. I care enough to see what happens to the charakters and how things shake out. But I would never pay mony for this.

Same reason I watched season 2, 3 and will watch season 4 of Attack on Titan. I want to see what happens enough to keep going, but I don't really enjoy it and I would never buy the blurays for it.

I guess that is a bit weird.

Are you one of those masochists on VGC? People that say they bought a console and hate all the games on it, or that burn 20h of their life on something they are hating but think 60USD is just to much money? Well watching 4 seasons of an Anime that you are not liking is even more strange.

DonFerrari said:

I actually could barely stomach it. Played like 40h and didn't like, when the save file was lost I had no interest in starting over.

Wow, I did not realise that you were also one of those masochists in VGC. Burning 40 h of your life on a game you did not like. I think we should make a dedicated masochists thread :)