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Pump the breaks, guys.

How many times have we heard about it before?
"X user is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that there will be a Direct on this date!"

Then, that date comes, and nothing happens?
Plus, wasn't it not too long ago when Nintendo was telling 3rd party & indie devs to make and release their own trailers for their upcoming Switch games?
Furthermore, it was just last week that Takahashi said they were looking for "more effective ways of presenting games to see what the best method is?" Meaning that they were trying to get away from the Direct format for the time being? Wouldn't make much sense to say that, then suddenly come out 3 weeks later with; "Here's a Direct, guys!"

I know we're all desperate to hear and see something new from Nintendo down the pipeline. All I'm saying is don't get your hopes up. We've all been down this road before.