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Ljink96 said:
3rd party support and brand familiarity. Xbox does have 3rd party support but due to Sony's past most Western gamers gravitate towards it. And Nintendo, eh they don't think of 3rd parties first but it's working out for them so I guess no harm done at this time.

By the way, those PS1 and PS2 numbers are well off by about 4 million or so for PS2 and 7 Million for PS1. Unless they sold another 4 Million/7Million in the past year I don't know about.

S.Peelman said:

108? When did the PS1 sell an additional 6 million units?

Anyway, it’s simple enough. They did the right thing at the right time, making a good console right at the point when gaming became mainstream and actually popular at all in Europe. They were smart to catch the right wave when it came along, while leaving Nintendo with an image of being something from ‘yesterday’. They aren’t impervious though as the 7th gen showed. I don’t think their brand is as synonymous with ‘gaming’ anymore as it was before in North America, and it’s already very far from it in home-region Japan. I’d still bet on PS5 winning overal, but it wouldn’t surprise me either if PS5 has more of a problem with XSX than PS4 had with XBO.

Yeah, the actual PS1 lifetime number is around 102.4m.  VG Chartz for a long time listed it over 104m.  But, I think a correction was finally made some time after Sony confirmed 500m total consoles sold and none of the #'s added up to PS1 being that high.  So, 108m is way off.