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Leynos said:
Conina said:

MetaScore ain't perfect, but the cumulative rating system is a much better indicator about the quality of games than the ratings of single persons. Extreme opinions get balanced out in most cases.

"Babyz DS" doesn't even have a MetaScore and Mafia II had a score of 74 - 77 (depending on the version)... so WTF are you talking about?

And you are free to write down a list of Wii games that are hidden gems.

Thanks for the laugh tho.

Was talking about this as one example. An example as one piece in a larger problem that expands past one website.

So it is a rating of a single person and NOT a meta-rating.

Only strenghens my argument that a cumulative rating system out of many ratings is a much better indicator about the quality of games.

And where is the huge list of hidden Wii gems?