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RolStoppable said:

Updated ban note for reference:

Trolling (Considering that you have an extensive history, particularly with Trolling, I'm handing down a ban here. I really want you to work on yourself, Pyro. You can bring a good discussion when you want to, but too often, you create flames and cause a needless ruckus in threads. Now, in an update, after a careful review, I agree with the notion that my original duration was a bit much, but I still want you to focus on improving yourself and stand by the decision to hand down a ban. I will be cutting the time down to a week. See you when you're back, and as always, I am one PM away from anything you'd like to discuss.) ~ CGI-Quality

Worth adding on here that a) he *was* bringing good, valid discussion and b) he caused no ruckus or needless flaming. The only person who quoted him in the thread was Hynad, who coincidentally was the person who actually brought it up in here because he thought Pyro wasn't trolling and the ban was unreasonable.

If anyone wants to dig deeper just look at the VGC rules regarding Trolling, which should be used as the main guideline for users when constructing their posts. I'll snip them down to only show the three key parts.

TROLLING - Posts or signatures slamming a platform without basis - be it a specific console, macs, windows, or anything similar - will not be tolerated. This applies to specific games as well as consoles.

- Explain and justify your opinions. If you have nothing reasonable and/or relevant to add to a topic, then don't post at all.
- You have the right to express your opinion, if it is relevant, justified, and presented in a civil manner. 
- You cannot create threads, posts, signatures, etc. just to bait people of a specific fan group. 

As I explained in my previous post - He didn't slam anything without basis, he explained and justified his opinions further in other posts (a, b) and his opinions were relevant, justified and presented in a civil manner. 

I reiterate, it's in the communities best interest that a senior moderator actually explains where Pyro as Bill was trolling in that thread. As of right now with current moderator communication, as you can see from peoples posts here, it *looks like* people piled on reports because they didn't like what they were reading and the mod team didn't actually read Pyro's posts before handing out a moderation. It *looks like* he's been moderated for having a negative opinion of the future of PlayStation 5. That's not a great look for any mod team and clarification is key.

The Moderator Thread was created for these moments of clarity within the community, so moderators could address users concerns and criticisms while simultaneously guiding the rest of the community in how people should and shouldn't be behaving on the forums. Now's the time to answer concerns.