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Metroid33slayer said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Add half a million to those, SPM shipped 4.2M. But I agree that Origami King should beat those numbers, and easily so if the game is any good. And if it does, it will get very difficult to beat this game for GoT

The game's reveal trailer already has over 4m views and there seems to be a level of hype around this game that has never been seen before in previous games. It also probably has a month all to itself in terms of first party games and won't be crowded out in the busy holiday period. Also when Super Mario Party can sell 10m in just over a year and probably get close to 15m then you know the Mario brand is extremely strong, even the less successful ones like PM have a shot at achieving big sales. I predict a minimum of 7.5m lifetime.

I dunno, I'm just not seeing the hype myself, Paper Mario is more a series that sells to a smaller base of dedicated Nintendo fans and they seem undecided and cautious at the moment after the poor reception of the last two games in the series. Granted, this could be a much better game and will likely sell better than prior entries thanks to the Switch boost, but trailer views don't necessarily translate into sales.

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