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SV said:
Don't forget that this year we have 2 physical Wii U games! least in Europe.
The Wii U was my main console for years, with it I first played so many nintendo franchises both new and retro.
I love it and it never died for me.
Even if nintendo removes it from their history, for me it will always be one of my favorite consoles of all time.

I didn't know there were a few physical releases in Europe this year, that's cool. I know there have been a few digital games worldwide. For a console that flopped so hard, it's still getting a few crumbs.

And it's more than a little hypocritical that Nintendo sweeps the Wii U under the rug considering all the Wii U ports on the Switch. I mean the single best-selling game on Switch is a Wii U port. And in fairness, Mario Kart 8 was also the best-selling game on Wii U before it was ever ported to Switch. But I suppose Nintendo ignores the Wii U so much so that they can get away with so many ports and pretend that they are new games.

In regards to the OP's idea, it's too cumbersome. Using a Switch Lite or Switch in handheld mode while another Switch is docked seems pretty cumbersome. The whole second screen concept was not fully utilized with Wii U and there's not really a good way to improve it with Switch.

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