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trunkswd said:
curl-6 said:

Yeah, personally I think games should be announced when they are 6-18 months off. Anything less than 6 leaves their future schedule looking too empty, any more than 18 is painful to wait for. (Granted I realize the pandemic makes it hard to date things far off atm)

Exactly my thoughts on when to announce a game. Think about how long fans waited for Final Fantasy VII Remake or Kingdom Hearts 3. I guess Square Enix is the worst when it comes to announcing games too early. 

The pandemic has thrown off the development of all games. But I wouldn't mind Nintendo announcing a game and just giving a holiday 2020 release window or early 2021. They don't need to give an exact release date. 

Same. I also wish they'd just fucking show us stuff that's been announced for literal years but kept in the dark for no good reason like Bayonetta 3, it's infuriating the way some games are handled. Don't fucking announce shit if it's years away and you're not gonna show anything in the interim.

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