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Just curious about this, how would you feel if Switch 2 was more like a giant sized 3DS XL (but no second screen) like the GPD Win 2 is (not quite that bulky though and no keyboard obviously)?

Would it make a big difference in how you view the system? 

Pros of that design that I can see:

1.) Screen is protected from scratches/damage when folded. 

2.) Control could be made more comfortable. If you integrate physical controls on the bottom half of the unit there's a lot of room for a very large d-pad + buttons + twin analog sticks (though they'd have to be more like the GPD Win 2 in design for folding). A DS/3DS obviously had a lot of the bottom half's space eaten up by the 2nd screen which wouldn't be here. 

3.) System would probably be thicker than the current Switch but could be made less wide than a Switch w/Joycons on. As such the system would likely be easier to simply slide into a pocket without having to do the whole thing of detaching Joycons, reattaching them later. Just close the system and slide into your pocket. It would eat up your entire pocket though.

4.) Likely better battery life. They could integrate a second battery behind the display half for example which could power the display meaning now the bottom half of the system can devote all its battery to the chipset. System could also be wider than the main body Switch but still pocketable allowing for a bigger battery in the bottom half to boot. 

5.) If Labo VR was a test run for Nintendo wanting to dip more into VR, a fold out form factor may allow for an interesting new ripple too -- the top screen could potentially detach and then be inserted into a cheap VR plastic headset. There are quite a few laptop/phablets these days that detach from their lower section. The big pro for this is this would allow Nintendo to make a much lighter VR/AR headset, especially for kids. The full weight of a Switch is pretty heavy, this is why Labo kinda "cheats" by having you have to hold the Switch with your hands basically but that limits what you can do. Nintendo with Wii U also obviously has the tech to stream a wireless video signal, so a Switch VR setup could be made light, cheap, and even wireless with this setup. Mario Kart VR anyone? Pilotwings VR? Mario VR World? 


1.) It would be a new design that deviates a bit from the current Switch design. Though that might be a pro I guess it making it seem new.

2.) Joycons may have to be rethought a bit. I don't know if Joycons would attach to the system since is there really isn't a point if the base unit has physical controls. 

On the pro side though maybe this means they could make better Joycons, they could be shaped more comfortably and made a tad larger if they don't have to attach to the base unit itself. They could be more like a small little dog bone shape for instance eliminating the need for those slide on attachments in horizontal play mode. Ship two with each system, they slide into a controller base to form a "pro controller" for play at home.