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tbone51 said:
Jumpin said:
It's off to a very good start. I'd say at this point you're likely correct. But it's a very weird time for making predictions based on initial data given the distance to the holidays. Sales will inevitably cool off, and it's a matter of whether or not the fire remains until the holidays, or at least a spark for re-ignition which is the big unknown - assuming Nintendo doesn't have a firestriker update in the plans.

It’s the best time. And also the leggiest game of last gen probably be pretty leggy with dlc and updates coming out :)

if it starts off with ship+digital around let’s say... 3.5mil this quarter than it’ll probably be 5.5mil by end of year

Oh trust me, I have no doubt that the distance until the holidays is not a problem for your predictions which have made you somewhat of a legend around here.

I'm only speaking for myself in my previous post.

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